The MJ none of you knew-SPECIAL EDITION

July 7, 2009

Get the heck over him. You think he would have been happier living in our messed up , opinionated world, where p*** stars get paid more than firemen. He didn’t feel right being black , so he became white, and only he knows if he was happier white than black, but we all decided that WE should be the ones to decide whether he should be black or white. We harassed him, sued him, gossiped about him, all because he was in pursuit of happiness. Something we had all tried, but not been able to accomplish, and yet, this man who was both black AND white, with talent beyond any other, a sensation, and even God to some was on the verge of accomplishing a miraculous feat. But no, we considered this a monstrosity, a simple man becoming the first possible human to be happy with no strings attached, so we pushed and pushed and pushed him till he was at the limit. Then everything began to fall apart; like a line of dominoes made into an intricate design, on the verge of being finished until someone or something causes them to all topple over into a big mess, and as sorry as whoever knocked it over may be, nothing can be done. This is very much like MJ’s death. But before I explain my theory and get ahead of myself, let me finish with the events leading up to his death, a sort of time line of his last decades on this wonderful planet we call Earth (it really matters what your definition of wonderful is). So soon his once wonderful life as a child prodigy at singing, blasting out hit after hit, topping all music charts, creating best-selling albums, turns into a life of molestation charges, scandals, sexual abuse allegations,bankruptcy, harassment, lawsuits, being the main subject of gossip column after gossip column, and becoming the talk of the town-and not in a good way either, his once wonderful life was brought down to shambles. The name Michael Jackson that once had such meaning and wonder backing it up, was now a joke. It brought to mind thoughts of molestation and allegations, of bankruptcy and humiliation. He sunk deeper and deeper into the pit dug for him by everyone else. Finally he was out of the public eye except for the occasional excerpt about some scandal involving him. He was reduced to being the punch line of jokes at numerous parties I’ve attended. And it was the common people who brought one very good man down. Hows that for the record? Its just like in The Dark Knight, how the Joker is able to bring the Gotham cities DA, Harvey Dent, a perfectly good man with moral values (quite rare in Gotham), down to Two-Face, which just goes to show you as Batman famously says when Two-Face asks why the Joker chose for him to lose everything “Because you were the best of us! He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you could fall.” We wanted to make MJ stoop down to our level, we wanted to bring him down, to show that someone as good as him could become like…us. And we did, finally an “accomplishment”….compared to the war in Iraq, our government that no one wants to publicly admit is corrupted, our failing economy, and numerous other things I’ll list in another entry. So he stayed in the shadows, out of the scrutiny of the public eye, and finally he gained back his confidence, and in remembrance of the days when he had the world at his fingertips, he planned something so wonderous, The Comeback Tour. Tickets supposedly sold out within minutes, but who bought them? His so-called fans? The same cold hearted ones who sold him out to the hands of Despair, the ones who helped ruin his career? Oh, those fans! Or where they bought by people with too much money and too little self confidence, who wanted to go and poke fun at MJ to  make themselves feel better. Or maybe people just wanted to go and heckle him. God forbidthey actually go to watch and appreciate his much lost music. But whatever the case, they were sold out, and only those ticket-holders know why they bought their tickets. And then BAM, MJ dies. He’s gone. POOF. Hasta la vista. And then, suddenly, everyone is his biggest fan. They just didn’t know it, until he died that is. Celebs instantly release statements about how sad they are at the loss of such a great pop sensation, the same ones who released statements years ago on how disgusted they were about him and his sexual abuse allegations. Thousand of mourners suddenly appear taking up countless hours on E! News talking about how sad they are, how they just simply can believe he’s gone. Hmm….and where were you all those years he battled his addiction to prescription pain killers, where the hell where you when he went to court week after week to battle the sexual abuse allegations? Cause last time I checked, if you’re such a big fan, you stick with ’em through the thick and thin. Not just when they’re dead. But the cold hard truth of the matter is, he was more famous after he died then he possibly was when he was alive. His album sales soar to a new sky- high on Amazon, higher then they ever were when he was alive and walking and talking. So to all you big MJ fans out there, hold on a moment and  think about how big a fan you really are. I’m not saying you had to support his each and every decision, I just mean, did you judge him by those decisions he made? Or by the person he really was? The kind, loving, nurturing person he was. We all have our opinions, and I’d sure as heck love to hear yours. Don’t worry I wont judge you by ’em.   Just comment and tell me what you think and send this article to friends and fambam, think of it as raising awareness, but instead of a life -threatening disease, this is just to open people’s eyes so they can see the real world. The real, cold as hell, scary, dog-eat-dog world out there, and maybe they’ll even do something about it. Just maybe.


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July 5, 2009

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